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Don’t Sneeze at IAQ

IAQ... a term you've probably heard, but many of us don't fully understand.

Indoor Air Quality has become somewhat of a buzzword when discussing our general health, but not everyone knows there are options available to actually improve yours, right now.

This spring is predicted to a brutal one for those who suffer with outdoor allergies. The problem is, these allergens don't usually stay outside!

In addition to pollens, smog and outdoor odors that can infiltrate your home, your body is at risk from the materials in your own house. Biological pollutants such as animal dander, dust mites (and their droppings), viruses and mold can severely impact your health. Many people don't even realize how much their breathing and allergies can improved by managing some of these pesty house-mates!

We have many options available to improve the air you breath in your home. Air filtration is what most people think of when they they think IAQ. Air filters have come a long way over the years. It is now possible to filter down to .03 microns of particulates and .01 microns of microorganisms and micro aerosols such as bacteria and viruses.

Whole house humidifiers and dehumidifiers are also available to attach to hot air systems allowing year round regulation of humidity- a crucial variable in New England. Dry winter months can lead to throat and nasal irritations. Humid summer months can allow bacteria and mold to flourish. Don't consider humidity control a luxury, proper regulation can save you money on your energy bills and keep you feeling well in your home.

Last and certainly not least is UV air purification. UV light is used in your home heating system to kill viruses, mold and bacteria both in the air being circulated, and on the equipment such as your AC coil. Many UV lights even have the ability to remove odors, such as smoke and cooking grease! How can a light help with odors? By changing the chemical make up of the odors using UV-V and UV-C ultra violet rays, you can eliminate them. UV lights also provide the opportunity to kill bacteria and viruses, rather than just filtering them.

There are many great options now for clean air in your home. I welcome you to give us a call and we can schedule a consultation to discuss improvements that can me made to your own air!

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