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A/C Start-Up and Tune-Up

Spring tune-up for people who have central air conditioning with an attic unit

Tim Gochinski

Wow! What a winter! Well, now that we can all start thinking "spring", (or "summer") it seems, it's a great time to remember some basics that can keep you comfortable when the time comes, and save you some money!

Do you have central air conditioning with an attic unit? I highly recommend an A/C Start-Up and Tune-Up be performed BEFORE the unit is called into operation. During a proper start up, our technician will check all of the components for operation, especially your safeties and drains. Condensate drains can develop small cracks during the cold winter months, which quickly turn into BIG water leaks in the summer. Also, a tech will check the integrity of your drain pan and safety. This pan sits under the unit catching moisture before it drains. There's also a safety on the pan that shuts down your system if it's not draining properly. If your pan is cracked or rusted, or your safety is not functioning, you won't know it until the water in it has overflowed, likely leading to ceiling damage. 

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's never more true than in the case of attic A/C units. Though many systems can be operated until it's time for your annual tune-up, these units should be checked FIRST.  A full tune-up costs $159, much less expensive than drywall repair and/or floor repair, never mind the inconvenience and potential for mildew and mold growth. Visit our Air Conditioning Maintenance tab for a complete list of work performed.

Hoping eveyone enjoys this short, pleasant spring season! Thanks for reading. 


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