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Air Conditioner Repair

We repair most brands of residential and light commercial air conditioning equipment. Call 413-586-7925 to schedule service to your air conditioning system. One of our friendly, professional, trained technicians will come to your home and diagnose your concerns.

*Please be aware, 24 hour service is NOT available for air conditioning. All service inquiries after 4pm will be responded to on the next business day.

Things to consider:

Did you have an annual maintenance?

Have you had any repair work performed recently that may have effected the systems operation? Not just HVAC work but electrical, plumbing, or other?

Did your air conditioning system operate normally at the end of last season?

Is your thermostat set to COOL, rather than auto, heat or off?

Do you have water leaking from any part of the system? If so TURN OFF the air conditioning until a technician can come out.

If this is your first time starting the system for the year, be sure the outdoor cover has been removed.

Remember... the least expensive emergency repair is the one that's never needed!

Consider enrolling in our P.A.C.T. Maintenance Agreement. Pioneer's Annual Cleaning & Tune-up (P.A.C.T) can keep your system running efficiently and alert you to future problems, saving you valuable time, discomfort and MONEY!

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